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  What is Macrobiotic life style?

Why to adapt Microbiotic approach to acquire and maintain GOOD HEALTH and live young? Age is just a number to be healthy and live a vibrant life is most important factor in an individual’s life. 

Microbiotic has been in existence for thousand of years practice in Japan. This is new approach here in western Canada, introduced at the clinic by Amie Nasayao-Jiwa who acquired her credential at Khushi Institute, Massachusetts USA.  

The modern approach to all our health problems in comparison with Microbiotic way is that modern approach depends largely on medicine which contains chemical which our body is not able to digest it while Microbiotic approach is mainly based on natural food which our ancestors had been using it in their times and lived healthy life style compare today’s modern world.  

Yes we all eat food but we forget what we are really consuming? Largely due to greed of multinational organization the food industry has become money making tool so all sort of approach is taken to ensure that these organization makes money for its shareholders ignoring the fact that what is produced is not really healthy for human consumption. Therefore, when selecting the food you must insist on ORGANICALLY GROWN food which is full of all the nutrients needed by our human body? 

The next approach to be able to extract the nutrients from these foods is how they are cooked. AHI has an instructor who does not only guide you but also teaches you how this food should be cooked in order to benefit and acquire the full value for money spent.  

The most important issue in Macrobiotic life style is that you have to be well disciplined and be prepared to accept to adapt its way. Yes first few weeks could prove to be challenging but once you have got into the routine it will be very easy and you will not notice any different to what you are currently use to. Therefore, all medicine if not taken as prescribes by the doctors is just as use less too. So before thinking to adapt the Macrobiotic approach to cure all health issues you must be strong and have a strong will power and be willing to change your life style to benefits from this change. 

What modern science has not been able cure the sickness Microbiotic has, thus this is only natural way of attending to all your health issues. Now why do you have suffer in silence why not take courage and resolve all your health issues yourself by taking this new approach which turns yourself to be the physician rather then depending on Doctors etc. If you can remember our ancestors did it when doctors was a scarce commodity then. 

Email or call us to make your ˝ hours visual diagnoses appointment today for free at no cost to you and take charge of your health yourself rather then depending on doctors who are today very busy and more or less has very little time to resolve your health issue as they are also encroached in the money making industry for themselves as their Multinationals counter part.