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Dr. Leslie Gurr, MLT., B.Sc., D.TCM
Email: drleslie@albertahealthinstitute.ca

Leslie brings more than 16 years of experience to her Chinese Medicine practice. She graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Biochemistry and an under degree in Nutritional chemistry. She studied Chinese Medicine in Victoria at the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is a certified personal trainer with Canfitpro. She has had athletic success in several sports on an international level.

Leslie combines a variety of approaches to her practice often combining elements of musculoskeletal acupuncture, hakomi counseling , Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Worsley acupuncture styles, strain/counterstrain athletic therapy, Tui Na Massage, and nutritional, chemistry. She has spent her adult life continuing her education in personal training and has certifications from 3 leading personal training institutes.

Leslie combines her athletic expertise in several different sports with her Chinese medicine, nutrition expertise and sport psychology experience to offer her clients the most current information to assist them in their health needs. She is determined to treat her patients mentally, physically, and spiritually to equip them to achieve their best life.

Leslie has a special interest in aiding athletes with muscle sprains and strains, repetitive strain injuries, overtraining, excessive stress, joint Injuries, muscular imbalances, neural muscular problems, bursitis,  qigong breath training, disc related problems, anxiety issues, worthiness issues and arthritis. She also enjoys affecting her patientís lives on a full spectrum level encouraging and educating her patients on the many levels of their lives. She wants every person to be completely comfortable in their skin and to have many years to enjoy that process.

She believes through her many years of training optimal health is best achieved when the entire being - the sum of the parts- mentally emotionally physically and spiritually - are treated and respected. This is when you achieve health!

Leslies approach to health also includes nutrition, weight training and cardiovascular training to help achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle and personal empowerment.  Properly fueling the body and exchanging ATP on a daily basis improves longevity and quality of living.

Leslie established the clinic in 2001 and Amin Jiwa Chairman took over from her in June 2006 to continue due to his passion as the AHI Team and he believed that your health needs were best served through a collaborative approach between different health practitioners. An even more important part of the healing team being you! Happily many years later the expertise of AHI's team of acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractor, naturopath and nutritional / Macrobiotic counselor with her expertly in Visual diagnose and the only one in Western Canada provides the client with the balance of information for advanced health. As a team including YOU we will improve your quality of life which is our goals.

Leslie's life long passion working closely with other practitioners at AHI created a dynamic practice for athletes of many sport disciplines, woman aspiring to be their best, sport specific conquests, and mental emotional instabilities. The team including her has a keen interest in women's issues including fertility, hormone imbalances and menopause.

Through Leslie's own journey from success to swan dives, from people pleasing to authenticity she working with other AHI team wants to extend her growth and consequences to each of her patients to help them create better lives for themselves. AHI Team believes that learning from other people journeys can be helpful.

In the course of a week if you take time for meditation, exercise, yoga, healthy eating, building authenticity and using adjunctive therapies you will be your he
althiest most vibrant self. AHI Team including her would love to work with you on your path.