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The Alberta Health Institute is Calgary's premiere mainstream complementary and alternative health care facility. We offer Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Soft tissue manipulation, Massage, Myofascial therapy, Naturopathy, Personal coaching and Macrobiotic Lifestyle teaching you how to live a healthy, vibrant and young life. Our clinic specializes in pet chiropractic, Macrobiotic principles to heal cancer, high-blood pressure, diabetes, crones, colitis, chronic depression, anxiety using the Traditional Oriental Medicine principles practiced for over 1000's of years in Japan and Coaching individuals how to cook, eat and live a healthy vibrant life. 

We are a team driven by four key values: integrity, compassion, mastery of our disciplines, strong communication and are always there for an individual who feel they are alone. We offer our services in a nurturing, caring, open-minded nature and are committed to maintaining an aggressive growth curve in health knowledge and dedicated professionalism. Our team will bring smile and youth ness in you within no time.

AHI team is here to help you to live "A healthier, vibrant life - naturally with Macrobiotic principles".  You are not alone we are there always. Just email or contact us for any health issues you may be having. Emails or give us a call today !  We are at your service. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE

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After 12 months of following health tips and attending  all your health issues, AHI Team  is confident you will  dance like this little man. Remember " IF YOU DON'T HAVE A HEALTHY BODY, THEN WHERE WILL YOU LIVE? "    irish leprechaun dance turn


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